About Me

McFeely Sam Goodman's plays include Afterward (Columbia New Plays Festival, Signature Theatre; Prelude 2015, The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center), America Breathing (Summertime Rewrite, The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center), Special Cheese (CATCH, Hearth Gods, Columbia University Schapiro Theatre), Brunchtime Is Over (Columbia University Schapiro Theatre), and The Pickle (Little Theatre at Dixon Place), all directed by Sarah Hughes, as well as Where Are We Now? (chashama Summer Performance Series) with Marina McClure. As an assistant director and dramaturg, he has worked with Half Straddle, Sibyl Kempson, Radiohole, and The Riot Group. MFA: Columbia University; BA: Swarthmore College


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Artist Statement

I write plays that are literary and dialectical, focusing on a theme rather than on a protagonist. The theater work being done with found texts and the growing success of such work has created new possibilities for theater writing by creating strategies for staging texts that were not written for performance. Those strategies allow writers writing for performance to borrow from non-theatrical forms. My work borrows heavily from prose fiction and the essay. Those forms address the audience more directly than a play does, leading the audience to engage in a more active way. That makes them well-suited to addressing important contemporary questions.

Photo by Tony Gale